November 18th, 2007

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The enamel test/sample tiles are done. This batch, anyway! I tested some Schauer, some Ninomiya, and some Soyer. I still have some Soyer and Blythe to go- I'm waiting on those since I don't currently have a place to buy Blythe, and while I know of a place where I can get Soyer, I haven't purchased from them yet.

If I didn't mention it previously, the Schauer that behaved so badly was just as awful on fine silver. There is clearly something very wrong with this jar!

Besides the tiles (and the labeling and sorting them and putting them into my book), I gave a final (I hope) firing to my January thimble and my Dublin rose earrings. I want to look at them in sunlight, but they look OK, and unless something horrible shows up, I can more to polishing and finishing them. I think my next step for the earrings will be to heat-harden the silver, since the findings are pretty delicate.

I also did some pounding! I now have 2 hemispherical half-beads in argentium, ready to be fused together. I also got about halfway to another hemisphere which will be capping a small silver tube. I'd been working on raising a dome for that using my miniature stakes, but it's slow going and I think I can dap it perfectly well. I'm probably going to make a very wee goblet out of the raised one, just for fun.

I do have a fair amount of design work to do, and so I think I'm going to get to that now rather than staying in the studio.