November 10th, 2007

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I took apart the carnelian bracelet, since I have decided that the 19-strand beadalon was too stiff. I'll try it again with the 49-strand.

Also, in taking it apart, I saw that the spiffy new pliers do in fact make a very nice-looking crimp bead... but are not as effective in really gripping the wire. Alas. I may use the regular crimping pliers to make the initial crimp, then shape it with the new ones.

If I'm not happy with the 49-strand, I suppose I will go back to using wire. I'll need some 14k wire in probably 22 ga. While it's even stiffer than the Beadalon... I can also shape it, and the wrapped ends will look nice.

I got one of 2 similar brooches put together. These are a modern take on ancient arched brooches, and are intended to hold some of my clothes together (and are an unfinished project from WAY back!). While I'd been planning on riveting them together... when it came down to it, I have been loathe to do so, since part of them are enameled, and the joins go right through that. So I'm bolting it together instead, using wee brass bolts. I'll glue them once they're in, to keep them from working loose, trim the excess thread area, and maybe use a cup but to round out the tops so they look a bit less like, well, BOLTS. :)

I sorted through many of my enamels that need tests, too. Tomorrow or next week I'm going to start the testing, probably with around 20 colors. 3 sets of that, and I'll be done with my untested colors- I think!

I have decided that Spiculum #1 is going to get a moonstone added to it. I'd like to make it a pendant, but am now wondering how to make the bail; I'd like it pretty much invisible, but the spiculum doesn't give me much room for that.
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Also: I came across a picture recently of a Viking necklace. It's 14 granulated beads- in silver (most pics of ancient granulation I've seen have been of gold)- with 7 graduated-sized pendants of clear quartz in granulated settings.


I am getting so, so tempted to try a re-creation. If not of all 21 elements, at least of a few of the beads and maybe a couple of the pendants. I'm thinking amber instead of clear quartz, though, since I have a fighting chance of finding appropriately-sized amber and the quartz- not so much.

I do realize this is insane. :)
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Viking Granulated Necklace Viking Granulated Necklace
I don't have much info on this. I do know that I swiped the picture, and thus have NO right to be posting it! *guilt* I wish I had an approximate scale, frankly. if the original were actual-sized, the largest pendant is 3 inches (about 75mm) in diameter, which seems large. For my own purposes, I've decided to assume that that's about twice the real size- but in the re-creation of the bits, I will probably play some with the scale.

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