November 9th, 2007

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Yesterday I started the finishing on the Dublin rose earrings, and did some more work on the thimble as well. Not the most fun part of the whole plique process, but necessary- and it is fun to get a bit of a preview of what things will look like when done! I've taken both down to a (very worn) 320 grit, and tomorrow plan on finishing them through 1200.

I laid in and fired more colors on my winter wind triskele. I'm liking the way it's evolving! I think I am nearing being done with the colors, and will finish with translucent whites and clear, letting the silver show through. The engraved textured background is showing through in places, and I like the depth it adds.

Today I focused more on my Roam-inspired carnelian, silver, and gold loop-in-loop bracelet. Unfortunately, I am not very happy with it. While the 19-strand Beadalon seemed flexible enough for a bracelet- in this context, it's too stiff; this is probably because the chain segments are so fluid. I've done 2 sections of beads now, and am thinking I ought to trash them and start over, with the 49-strand wire. Which also means trashing 4 of the rather-pricey 14k crimp beads! OK, it's maybe $6.50 in actual cost, and I can melt the beads down and use them... but it annoys me. :) Still, I think it's the right thing to do.

Also: the beaded segments are sufficiently long that it looks like the full bracelet will work best using 4 of them instead of the 5 I'd planned. But that's OK.

I think I will order more of the crimps- though I have enough for this one even after wasting a few. I also want to get some silver ones; they might work to go under the larger 14k beads, making a shorter beaded component, of which I can use 5 and get a somewhat larger bracelet for larger wrists (like mine: I am not a dainty person!).

I'm quite pleased with the overall look of the thing, though! It's definitely showing the Roman inspiration, and the effect is intricate enough for very dressy wearing, but not so "fancy" it can't be worn with jeans and a t-shirt.