November 6th, 2007

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Colors! Enameling work to date

I've spent time the past few days playing with my enamels. Boy, is that fun!

Now, I have not (yet) started the sample/test tile grind, and I'm not so much looking forward to it with glee. Still, it needs to be done- and I need to test some yellows and oranges before starting the colors on my Tudor rose, so there's an incentive!

I've been productive: more finishing work on my thimble.

I've done the basic enameling on my pierced plique earrings with the Dublin roses, and am quite happy with the colors. Next up is finishing them- grinding off any excess glass and doing a rough pre-polish, then flash-firing them to make the glass nice and shiny again, then polishing the metal in ways that don't hurt the glass. In there somewhere I'm planning to heat-harden them; 600F or so ought not to hurt the glass at all, and it will make the delicate earring findings stronger.

I've been laying in color in the triskele. So far I'm very happy with it. I put in a couple more colors today, including the touches of dark coblat blue that I think will make it jump.

The Tudor rose is ready for colors, once I've done the tests and have chosen my yellow(s). The center is yellow, with tiny gold balls added at the last firing; the wire that surrounds it is also gold. (My first gold cloisonne!) The leaves that peek out from behind the petals will be on one or another of my faithful, favorite greens. For the petals themselves I'm planning on an imaginative take on the rose color/variety that's called, in French, "Thighs of an Aroused Nymph." "Thighs" may be a euphemism there. :) Anyway- pinks and whites, shading to a rich, deep pink toward the center. The background will be my beloved cobalt blue.

I've got a book on Tudor jewelry and have been perusing it looking for ideas for the setting. I have a few vague ones, but nothing concrete yet. Except that it will need to include either 1 or 3 pendant baroque pearls, because that was THE thing to do in Tudor jewelry! I'm rather thinking of a slightly intricate silver mounting, with some gold accents; that will pull in the gold in the enamel, too.

I got my most recent Rio order today. Hammer bliss! I got 2 of the new Fretz ones: the texturing one, and the one with 2 changeable plastic faces. WAY cool.

I am somewhat less pleased with the 14k crimp beads they sent, though. I ordered a pack of 20, and they're about $1.60 each. Eep. AND- I have: 18 2mm crimps (what I ordered); 2 1mm crimps; and a weird mutant thing that is a partial 2mm one, and useful only if I melted it into a decorative granule. However: the total errors are maybe $3 maximum, and thus it is probably not worth much hassle in trying to correct it. I believe I shall not bother- this time- and since I have at least 1 bracelet- and an elaborate necklace- that will use such crimps, I'll end up getting more, and when I have 5+ that are bad I'll return all of them for replacement.
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