October 27th, 2007

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I have been seduced by the power of the spicula yet again.

Upon re-reading the article in the-magazine-that-used-to-be-Lap-Journal, I noted 2 things:

1. The spicula featured therein did NOT have their seams soldered; and

2. While the text said to taper the blank from 13mm in the middle to 3 at each end... the photos looked a lot more like the blanks tapered to 6mm at the ends.

So I decided to make another one. This one- also argentium (because I didn't have any 6-inch 22 ga. sterling sheet around)- tapers to 6mm on the ends. I plan on following the forming instructions in the article religiously... although heresy may nonetheless occur. :) Especially since I also plan on thinning the ends- something the article does not discuss, but which I know from reading other accounts of the creation of spicula is advantageous.

Also, I have decided to solder the seam of Spiculum #1. This is mainly so I can follow other instructions on forming it. I've got the middle soldered, and want to pound on the ends a bit more and then solder them, too.

I don't know yet if I'll solder the seam on #2; I shall leave that issue till later.

I am having a lot of fun with these, though, and have now got some notions on how to turn them into finished jewelry. Cool! Basically, I will use the spiculum shapes as a calligraphic line, and add some nifty stone or other as an accent. I certainly have lots of nifty stones!

In other news, I have settled on an approach for my loop-in-loop plus carnelian bracelet(s) that I'm happy with. Naturally, this requires more materials and tools... although at least I had not ordered gold wire for it that I have now decided not to use! I think this approach will work out quite well, both aesthetically and practically.

And soon- very, very soon- I am going to fire up the kiln and do some enameling. Joy!
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