October 26th, 2007

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I have been in a bit of a creative slump recently, probably due to my sinuses hurting. But! I have been taking advantage of this by finishing up some older pending projects of mine. I hope there will be pictures soon; at this point I've been focusing more on tweaking my website, and J's been finding it difficult to take pictures because the equipment is blocked by honey frames.

Therefore, I plan on doing something about the honey this weekend- starting it, anyway- and finishing up this round of website tweaking.

But- for real enthusiasm, there's nothing like a cool new project. Or three. On that basis, and after seeing such a project in the current issue of the magazine-the-used-to-be-Lap-Journal, I started a spiculum.

(A spiculum is a tapered tube, usually wider in the middle and tapering to both ends. It is often formed into bracelets, torcs, and the like.)

This is my second one. My first one is a monster- about a foot long- made of copper, and needing more in the way of clean-up than I've gotten around to in ::ahem:: years. This one is more manageable: the blank was 6 inches long, and a half inch wide at most, and made of argentium sterling. And today I cut it out and formed it, so it's a tube, though I still need to solder the seam and start shaping it. I didn't exactly follow the directions in the article, but the end result seems pleasing anyway. (I probably ought to make another and carefully follow the directions instead of winging it; I'd likely learn something.)

But it was fun to do, and satisfying, and I'm feeling more creatively inspired again! Plus- I'm getting ideas for plique and other enameling projects. Woohoo! I do love the colors!