September 22nd, 2007

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I had some good time in the studio today, albeit with not much to show for it. Now, over the week I've finished setting all the stones in my hardened argentium Confetti Ring. I didn't get to polishing it today, though.

I did do some clean-up on a piercing project... which was sufficient hassle to make me re-think the whole "piercing" idea for it. I have decided to go with etching, instead. Not only will it be easier, it'll give me more options with fonts. So- next step is to re-work the elements for etching...

And that will need to wait until I am fully transferred over to my spiffy new Mac. :) My old one decided that turning on was too much like work, and so chose not to do so. I did get all my data etc. transferred over to the new one (thank goodness!), but now I have a bunch of software updating to do. Plus, I'm not currently using my lovely big monitor, since it needs a doohickey to work with the new machine. Said doohickey is due to arrive Monday. Meanwhile- I can at least deal with email, and install software updates.
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