September 17th, 2007

anvil, ring

Setting tiny stones

I swear, this stuff leads to blindness.

Or maybe not; my penchant for reading in dim light may have an impact. :P

Anyway! Today I set a bunch of stones in my first hardened argentium confetti ring. I was hoping to get them all set, but my eyes got really tired, so there's still 2 left to go.

In penance for that FAIL, I processed several photos and actually posted 2 new rings on my site. These are the final 2 in my "engagement etc." ring series of prototypes.

Meanwhile, J has spent inordinate amounts of time trying to get a good picture of Confetti Ring 2, and it's been thwarting him. Neither of us can remember how he got such a brilliant shot of CR1, and so far he hasn't had much luck in replicating it. Woez! because that brilliant shot of CR1 really showed it off accurately, and I want to be able to do that with subsequent ones. Seen in person, they are sparkly and brilliant and colorful- and I really want the pictures to capture at least some of that!

The cold weather we've been having is making me want to resume enameling. Maybe this week....
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