September 15th, 2007

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While both sawing intricate little shapes out of metal and setting delicate stones in hardened argentium sterling tend to make my hands cramp after a while- one positive is that they cause different hands to cramp! However, both involve peering at tiny stuff with magnification, so my eyes are rather tired right now.

The argentium confetti ring is coming along- I've definitely gotten better at the setting in it. Today I made the settings and set three garnets, and marked and started the settings for the other 2. (I have 2 colors of garnets, so I'm using 3 of one and 2 of the other in this one.) I hope to get the rest of the garnets, and the amethysts, in tomorrow.

I didn't get around to ordering the wire I need for my bracelet this week; I'll have to do so next. I'm still thinking about what else I ought to get. I'm tempted to get at least some of the supplies for reworking my wedding ring...

I'm also getting ideas for a small line of men's jewelry- mostly tie tacks and cufflinks. Since J doesn't wear either, though, I don't have any good cufflink models to eyeball to get shapes and dimensions. I'm thinking about placing (yet another) Rio order, and getting some cufflink findings there; I could also use some 3mm orange manmade sapphires from them. And thus tonight or tomorrow I should page through their display products catalog- I just got a new one- and see whether there's anything new and nifty to get while I'm at it.

See? This is why it can take me so long to actually order stuff!

I have posted 2 new pairs of earrings on AFMetalsmith, and in my Etsy shop. They're the "Fulgora" ones, and are at the top on the "New" page on my website. I'm quite happy with them; they're 100% argentium, and the forging was fun to do. Also, I avoided the temptation to over-elaborate the things, so I'm pretty happy with the price-point.