September 11th, 2007

anvil, ring


If you're looking for earrings for yourself or a gift, and want to see a broad range of nifty ones, check out the Art Jewelry Collective's shop on Etsy. We're a group of jewelrymakers with a focus on individual design and solid craftsmanship, and the breadth of work is really amazing. Worth a visit!

In other earring news, I've finished 3 more pairs (one of which I'll probably add to the AJC promotion). I got a bit stymied on my bracelet, though; the 20-ga. 14k wire I'd gotten for the bead parts doesn't fit through the small carnelian beads I'm adding to the design. Woez! So I either need to draw down the wire I have, or get a bit of 22-ga. instead. I am probably going to do the latter, since there are a few other bits I could use from Hoover and Strong- like a couple of gold tube settings for yet more earrings I have in mind!

I also got half of the designs glued to the metal for my all-hinged bracelet. Now to start the piercing...