July 28th, 2007

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Yet more slacking on the posting here, and more apologies. Sigh!

I've been busy, though- finished a commission that had some trickiness I hadn't anticipated- largely because it was a lot smaller than I've done before, though with similar techniques. There may be pictures, after the person who ordered it gets it.

I finally finished fusing all (I hope!) of the rings for my curved loop-in-loop necklace, and have started shaping them. Since there are 1500+ rings, this takes a while! I'm 40% done now, though, and plan to keep plodding through.

We've been experimenting with coloring titanium, too. We'd gotten some Ti sporks we wanted to color, and tried to do so with electricity first. We didn't have much success with that, and I'm still not sure why- but we did succeed when we used heat, and that's more fun and spontaneous for such a use, anyway. Our daughter and her boyfriend were visiting, and colored 2 each as well. Today, I went back to the electrical method, determined to get the process debugged. Naturally, today it worked like a charm... though I was doing pieces that are much less massive than the sporks, so that may have something to do with it. (I do not pretend tounderstand electricity. Chemistry, yeah- but not electricicty.)

My next efforts will be to make a known concentration solution (today I just dissolved borax in water till it seemed close to saturated), and start to do some tables of colors vs. setting using our equipment. I have ideas for this...

We've attracted some interest from a trade publication about our fairly idiosyncratic use of some of the equipment. I'm not going to say much more at this point... but it's pretty cool, so both J and I have been running some experiments, and hope to have some pretty pictures to send them and perhaps entice them to write an article about us!