July 12th, 2007

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I'm pleased with today's work!

First, at least in time, I made additions to my website. They're at the top of the "New" page. Included are more of the "relationship" rings- rings appropriate for engagements, anniversaries, mother's rings, and the like- and a new pair of filigree earrings, of which I've started another pair in gold.

I then did a lot of finishing work on a commission that's been giving me a bit of grief- it's a lot smaller and more detailed than other similar pieces I've done. I'm pretty pleased with its progress, though. Plus some work on the gold filigree, and quite a bit of work on the last of the current batch of "relationship" rings; I'm looking forward to finishing this one, because I'm having some ideas about wedding/commitment rings that I want to play with.

Due to a ridiculous level of personal contrariness, what I really want to be working on right now are enamels. This is not a good choice, because for the past week it's been way too hot to even think about running a kiln! Why my enameling inspiration likes to hit in the heat of summer, and not in winter, I'll never know. Except that my muse is perverse. :)
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