June 19th, 2007

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Tonight I accomplished things!

I finished the silver filigree earrings that are prototypes for ones I want to do in gold. Photos, soonish, I hope, because I'd like to post them on Etsy as well as my site.

I twisted the 14k gold wire I am going to use for at least one pass at the gold versions, and annealed it so I can twist it some more. I'm not realy thrilled with the annealing, though; torch annealing of bunches of wire has never given me as consistent results as kiln-annealing, so I may fire up the kiln, do a bit of enameling, and re-anneal this puppy.

I also have fused sufficient rings to make my ribbon necklace. I think I have also settled on a strategy for the finials- the fact that there will BE finials is part of that. I am going to enclose the ends, and these will have loops thereon, and I will make 1- and possibly more- fancy stone-set and/or enameled and/or granulated/fused foci with hooks on both sides that will connect the two ends. :) This makes the terminations a focus rather than a problem, which I like, and allows me more flexibility in choosing the exact focus to wear at any given point. These foci will also be able to be used for other necklaces, so it's a sort of mix-and-match thing which i find appealing.

And so... I can start working on shaping the links and knitting the chain. meanwhile, I have come to some conclusions about my next loop-in-loop chain projects, and will be ordering what I need to make them.
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