June 16th, 2007

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Another entry in which I apologize for not posting more regularly! And more vows to not let it happen again.

I spent a lot of time these past couple of weeks working on another site: the blog devoted to our experiences in beekeeping, called "Beemused". So far the bees have only inspired one piece of jewelry, and I need to finish it properly.

A sad thing happened in the jewelry line, too: the ring that's in this userpic got lost. It fell off J's finger one Sunday while he was feeding the birds; amazingly, he found it the next day... only to have it fall off again that day. It apparently decided to go walkabout. I think the next one I make for him will have his email address engraved on the inside!

...Which brings us to the problems we had this week with the engraving machine! There was an emergency need to engrave the inside of a ring for a family member, and the inside-ring module was simply NOT working properly. We took it partly apart and reworked it, and it helped- but not enough. I need to contact Gesswein about sending it in for repair; we'd gotten it from them refurbished, so I figure if they could refurbish it once, they could again. It was working fine when new, and I have no idea what happened to it; the linear motion is fine, but the rotary is catching and binding, as if the bearings had gotten flattened, or there's something in amongst them that ought not to be there. Annoying! We really do need to either fix it ourselves (heading into 'where angels fear to tread" territory), or get it properly fixed.

Fortunately, other stuff has been going well. I have most of my "engagement/anniversary/mother's" ring prototypes done, and am getting ideas for some more prototypes of wedding/commitment rings. I've posted a few pictures on AFMetalsmith, and more will be coming (hopefully soon).

I've also had a couple ideas for filigree that I've been working on. One's 3D, and is proving to be a mite tricky to solder! I'm just hoping I like it once I finally get it to work! The other is flat, and will be a great design to do in gold, I think. I've completed a pair of these in silver (the hot work, anyway- they need polishing and earwires), and like them a lot.

I've made strides toward completing my "mended hearts" scent lockets, too. Perhaps tomorrow I shall bite the bullet and see about finishing at least the hot work on those, as well as the soldering on my final engagement etc. ring, and perhaps even finishing the penultimate one- the stone's set and everything, so it just needs finishing and polishing. I think I will not be able to resist more work on the 3D filigree, though! and perhaps making the earwires for the silver filigree earrings that are prototyping gold ones.
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I have also been working on fusing more rings for my elaborate broad loop-in-loop necklace. I now have about 230 of the ~300 I need of the final size and gauge. So close! I can fuse 21 per iteration on my charcoal block, and at least a couple usually fail (these are rather large rings in 24 ga (0.5mm) wire, so it's a tricky fusing job), and I've done 2 blocks worth, so I'm thinking 2-3 more blocks worth and I'll have them done.

Then I get to shape all 1500 or so links, then start weaving/knitting the chain...

I'm still contemplating the closure for this, both how to make it, and whether to make it the focal point of the necklace.

Naturally, since I am nearing a milestone for this necklace, I am thinking about the next one. I believe it shall be a pinched-loop chain (an ancient style made by the Greeks and Romans), with my fluted carnelian beads with a vermeil flat bead on either side. These carnelian beads really want to be used in a gold necklace... but my budget does not agree with this preference, and I think surrounding them with gold will be acceptable. And I will have some left of the strand, in any case. My concern right now is that the directions specify using 24ga. (0.5mm) fine silver wire to hold the beads, and I really do not believe that's strong enough. I'd be hesitant to use that gauge in sterling, even. So I'm hoping that 22 ga. will go through the holes in the beads, because that seems far more sensible to me.

I'm thinking of doing a variant of the chain in the book, too. I really like the planished links one variant has; perhaps I will have the chain between beads be 3 links long, and planish both sides of the center link. That might be cool...
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