May 8th, 2007

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Again, not posting much. Mea culpa. I shall try to improve.

I have been making things, though!

I have completed a filigree butterfly pendant with which I'm quite pleased, and I hope photos will be coming soon.

Also, I am progressing on my series of engagement/birthstone/mother's rings. I think I've designed around 9 of the things, and some are done, and all are started, and some are now very close to done. It's been a fun project, since I've been able to try out all sorts of different approaches.

I've also finished a few commissions, and am looking at starting on a new batch.

If you haven't checked out my website- for a while, I've also posted some pieces in the "New!" section that you may not have seen before.

Apart from this stuff, I have a few other projects that are percolating along. Plus I am feeling that I really need to make another set of samples of my new enamel colors. It's tough to use them when I don't know what they'll do- and making the tests is the only way to be somewhat sure of that. Perhaps over this weekend I'll fire up the kiln and run some tests. I think I have 50+ colors to test, so it's not a trivial task... unfortunately. However, I have made a personal vow not to buy any new colors until I've tested (a reasonable assortment of) the ones I have, so that lends me motivation. :P
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