April 9th, 2007

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The first time I made a Mobius band ring, I twisted my stock, cut a blank for a size 7.5 ring, and ended up with a size 5.5 ring.

This time I cut a blank for a size 9.5 ring- hoping to end up with a 7.5, then twisted it... and now have a size 9 ring. Both rings started with 8 ga. round wire, rolled out, but this one is a bit thicker than last time- not much thicker, though.

I think I am going to have to roll out enough for 2 rings- so they will be identical stock, cut them to the exact same blanks length, and try one in each order to see what happens. Should be fun!

I'll add that I have a really good approach to creating the twist now, which helps.

Other stuff: I pretty much just worked on rings today. Including the Mobius, I'm making 4: 3 are prototype engagement rings, and the fourth will be a "mother's ring" that's not as ugly as the ones I usually see. Well, not as ugly to me, anyway! All 4 are soldered closed now, and I'm getting very good at meeting up the ends nice and tight and flush. Even with the heavy ones, I can do much of the work with pliers rather than the hammer, which is a help- and the hammer often can bring it just the tiny bit closer for a really excellent fit. 3 of these rings are using at least somewhat heavy stock (the other's more delicate). I almost got the delicate one all soldered together, except I wasn't happy with it afterward so I took it apart, cleaned it up, and will re-solder it tomorrow.

These are interesting rings, because I'm not making them as "final projects" or particularly salable or anything. These are prototypes, done in silver and inexpensive stones (CZs will figure in most), just to get the look the way I want it, and to try stuff out.
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Today I also sorted out one of the piles o' crap that's been hanging around my studio ever since I moved in. Woohoo! So: I have 3 more boxes, and a couple of smaller containers to go. I will need storage, I think, for all of these; one of the reasons they're still hanging about is that I have no reasonable place(s) to put them.

I need more storage for pretty but not valuable stones. I need logical storage for abrasives. And I'm not entirely sure what's in the other 2 boxes...

On the plus side: once I get these sorted out, I will have room for another "student bench", if I want to be able to comfortably house 2 students at a time. Or, I would have room for my dream rolling mill, which is a significant presence in a studio. Or room for another pounding bench, if I decide I need to facilitate raising more....