April 6th, 2007

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Metals networking site?

I stumbled across this site today, and it looks potentially intriguing. It doesn't seem to have a lot of members yet, but the idea of a metals-specific social networking site does appeal to me! I've joined, though I haven't participated yet, and thought others might be interested.

Please note that I am A Bad User and did not wade through all the terms and conditions, so I'm not vouching for them.
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anvil, ring

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I was sadly uninspired today... but that's good! Because I worked on several ongoing projects!

To wit: The basic raising etc. is done on my next anvil ring (a hollow ring similar to the one in my icon, but lots bigger since it's potentially for someone with bigger fingers). I did some work to create a form I can use to even out the gap for the enamel, as well.

I also worked on a pendant that I started probably 10 years ago. I still like the concept, or I would have dumped it. Anyway, at this point it needs about 2 more steps- 1 of which is polishing a particular are- and it'll be done. Finally!

And I have a couple of heart-shaped potential scent lockets which needed about 50 million little holes drilled. And so I did that. They are now ready for both the joins, and the decorative touches which required all those holes, and so another 3 soldering ops should do it for the hot work (the pivot, and the 2 halves of the bails).

I have a ton of new ideas for new projects, but am firmly committed to not infinitely creating new, unfinished projects. So my interest in new stuff means I HAVE to finish some pending pieces! However, even though it's necessary, I'm enjoying the work and results.