April 2nd, 2007

anvil, ring

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The ring in the icon is just about fitting again. I'd added pretty big lumps to the inside of the shank (the process detailed in a previous post), and have been smoothing them down bit by bit to try to get the best possible fit. I'm pretty close now, it seems.

I finally got the catch on the first poison ring working pretty well yesterday, though it needs a bit of tweaking. Still, progress! I may finish this one this week. Also, learn from my experience, and do NOT use easy solder to solder a box into a ring; it flows all over the place and messes up the geometry. :P

I'm working on my entry for one of the metalsmithing challenges, and actually have a couple of pieces for one of the other ones that I haven't posted yet. Mea culpa. If you want an advance look, they're on my site in the scent lockets category. The new ones are the crow designs.

I've also had some ideas for some new pieces, and am eager to get going on them! First is the design part, though. I generally lay out anything I'm going to saw out of sheet in Freehand and/or Illustrator, with hairline lines, because I can get a precision that way that's hard to achieve otherwise... so I need to do it with these.