March 27th, 2007

anvil, ring

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Joy! I got a new hammer in the mail. This is a nifty hammer- it's designed by the guy who did my beloved miniature stakes- and I am looking forward to using it. As an extra plus: these hammers are sent all polished and ready for use (as are the stakes), so there's not a lot of polishing time one has to do before playing with one's new toys.

I ordered some powdered solder about 10 days ago (I ordered eutectic in powdered and paste forms, and hard in powder), but have not yet received it. I am starting to grow a mite concerned.

I don't think I mentioned this previously- although I could be forgetful- but I have posted pictures and info about a number of individually handmade scent lockets on my website. The page with links to all of them is here: , and all are for sale.

And on an irrelevant note: I've added some new products to my Cafe Press store- pretty much just more options for my Celtic Heart design. If you're interested, look here: