March 18th, 2007

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Today was more of the same in many ways; more careful soldering.

The honeycomb for the pin now has all its soldering done, and I've started the considerable amount of filing needed to finish it; I need to remove the backing sheet behind the two cells that will hold the citrines, plus file the border flush to the cells all the way around. And I may do even more- it occurred to me while I was doing the interior-cell filing that it would look more organic is at least one of the empty cells has walls that were a bit broken down- not perfectly all the same height. I'll see how the perimeter filing goes tomorrow, since that's something I can do after the pin is otherwise finished- and I do want it done and wearable for my next beekeeping lesson! Anyway, the pin findings are also on; I went with a purchased hinge for a standard pin stem for that part, and I rolled some 16ga. wire a wee bit to bend into the catch. Naturally I also need to adjust the length of the pin; the 0.75 inch ones were too short, and the 1 in. ones too long, so I'm using a 1-in and will take off about an eighth inch from it and re-sharpen. Sigh. That's so boring, and it seems I so often end up needing to do it...

The poison rings are progressing. #1 needs 2 more hot operations, one each for the ring-and-base (soldering them together) and the lid (making the catch). The hinge is looking pretty good, which pleases me. #2 got just a wee bit of work today; I'm including a decorative element in the base, inside the vessel, and got that prepped for soldering on.

On the agenda for tomorrow: lots more filing. Joy. :)
anvil, ring

Ooo! Shiny!

This is a picture of a commission I finished recently. The client just received it, and is happy with it.

There are links to more information about it, and a couple of other commission pieces I just posted there, here on my website. The new work is the two Celtic pieces, and the "Majestic" earrings.