March 17th, 2007

anvil, ring

Much soldering

The new approach to the hex settings- with the very thin shims- has worked perfectly. After soldering the stones fit perfectly- so much more satisfactory than trying to get the first one to work!

So all the honeycomb cells are now soldered together- and the fitting was a bit trickier than it seemed like it ought to be- and tomorrow I shall add the backing sheet (which is cut and ready to go).

I also have the hinge components soldered onto poison ring #1, and part of the catch mechanism. All these are tiny, so it's somewhat fussy to do. I'm reasonably pleased with the results so far- everything's fitting well, and looking pretty good.

There were a couple of gaps on the outside of the base of poison ring #2, where the setting meets the backing sheet. There's a pretty strong curve there! So I reamed those gaps out with a square file, and soldered square wire in to fill them. Next step with this is a detail I'm adding inside the vessel's cavity, just for fun. :)

I am still contemplating designs for some traditional (or, potentially, scent) lockets I want to make. I have the basic ideas for the shape and function settled... but they'd be awfully plain if I just used plain sheet, and I'd like something more fun. Roller-embossing? Granulation? A setting for a stone or enamel? or ??? Too many options! My primary motivation here is to get practice with lockets- hinges and catches- but I don't want to do something boring and stupid just to get that; I'd like it to be cool, too.
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