February 12th, 2007

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And more shiny things...

These are the 2 bottlecaps I've been working on:
Silver Bottlecap with Amethyst Silver Bottlecap with Amethyst
A prototype: a prettier cap for bottles of perfume and aromatherapy oils than they usually have! This bottlecap is a sterling silver "skin" fitted over a commercially-purchased bottlecap (with a glass wand) that fits standard 5ml and 10ml bottles. Although this one is plain, the side of the cap could be engraved. I am exploring the possibilities of making more of these, with various stones or other decorations. 0.875 x 0.75 inch (22 x 18 mm), with 12mm amethyst. (Bottle not included) Sterling and fine silver, amethyst, commercial bottlecap with glass wand.
Mars Bottlecap Mars Bottlecap
Another prototype: I was curious about the difficulty of completely hand-making a replacement cap for standard 5ml and 10ml bottles, rather than making a skin that fits over a commercial cap. The BPAL perfume oil "Mars" is a big hit in our house: not only do we love the smell, but we are both metalsmiths and both Aries as well! So when I decided to completely fabricate a bottlecap, it seemed like the perfect choice. This bottlecap is not a skin for a commercial cap, like the one with the amethyst; this one is completely handmade, although I did take the nylon washer and the glass wand from a commercial one. It's smaller than the commercial caps as a result, since silver is stronger than the plastic out of which they are made. The Mars symbol was pierced out of sterling sheet, and enameled with red glass enamel. Red's a sensitive color, and I overfired it a bit to get some darkness around the edges. The symbol is attached to the cap with a handmade screw, and I tapped the corresponding hole in the cap. The screw threads with which the cap fits on the bottle are handmade out of wire, and soldered into the cap. The wand is epoxied into a short length of tubing. 0.75 x 1 inch (18 x 25 mm). Sterling silver, glass enamel, glass wand, nylon washer. Not for sale.
Mars Bottlecap (detail) Mars Bottlecap (detail)
This is a close-up of the cap with the Mars symbol.
Mars Bottlecap (inside) Mars Bottlecap (inside)
Another detail: this one shows the inside of the cap, with the handmade screw threads and a glimpse of the tubing that holds the wand.
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And one final one:

I'd been dreading setting the stone on this one and so was putting it off- however, it went like a charm.
Sunburst Plique-a-jour with Citrine Sunburst Plique-a-jour with Citrine
Filigree plique-a-jour pendant in a sunburst pattern, with a central citrine (7 mm). This photograph shows how it looks when back-lit; there's a picture in the gallery of how it looks when worn, but the colors here are just too pretty to resist! I used 2 shades of blue and 2 of yellow-gold for the sunburst effect. This was designed as something of a companion piece to my "Dancing Star" filigree/plique pendant. 1.125 x 1.375 inches (29 x 35 mm) Sterling and fine silver, glass enamel, citrine (7mm)
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I did these bottlecaps- especially the "Mars" one- out of a curiosity as to how much time and materials they'd take. They were a lot of fun to do, though, so I am encouraged and will probably make more- and, of course, would be happy to do commissions if anyone wanted such. :)

I am honestly not sure if the completely-fabricated version is sensible. It's at least double the work- probably triple- and I'm not sure that it really adds all that much to the end result. If there's interest, I will probably fabricate another one (using the lessons I learned in #1), and then get it cast. This would avoid a lot of the careful fabrication (and thus mean lower prices), while still allowing for almost infinite customization.
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