February 4th, 2007

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I finished things today!

The first was the plique sunburst with the big citrine in the middle. I'd put it up in setter's cement previously, so today I could set the stone. I did it all by hand, to avoid the stress on the glass that any sort of hammering would cause. And then, of course, I did more polishing to finish it!

The second was the filigree scent locket. Same sort of deal; after I'd set the citrine I removed the plique from the mounting and while the cement was warm I put the filigree in it. This supported the filigree and allowed me to use my full hand strength to set the garnet cab. So, again setting followed by polishing, ending in a completed piece (I'd shaped the clasp and put the pin in the hinge before doing the stone).

And yes, there will be pictures.

I also finished dressing a hammer, worked on some settings for a commission piece, and chose some stones for another couple of lockets- I think I'll be wandering into poison ring territory for a bit. And I finished the polishing on my second bottlecap and tried to get the nylon washer that makes it liquid-tight to stay in- this latter without much success, unfortunately. I suppose I'll try gluing it in when I add the glass wand etc.
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