January 19th, 2007

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Another day of tricky soldering- both today and yesterday, in fact. I am developing Mad Skilz (sorry!) at soldering wee tiny things to honking great things. AND I seem to be able to communicate these Skilz, because last night's student did a brilliant job of some very tricky soldering indeed!

So I am nearing completion on a number of projects. I set a stone today, and have more to do tomorrow; I also did some polishing work. And I depletion gilded several pieces that will be enameled, and will be able to start enameling again any day now. That's always so satisfying!

The 2 parts of the locket- the one with the Hinge of Doom- are soldered together, so it's time to start the finishing work there. I'm not best pleased with it, all told- although the bail ROCKS- but I think it will be both pretty and functional even though it's not ideal. I have plans to make several lockets and locket-type items- like "poison rings"- to improve my hinge-making.

One of the bottlecaps is almost done- I shall glue the commercial cap into it tomorrow, and then set it as I would a stone. The other is progressing; I have the threads close to soldered down, except for one bit that's not staying where it ought. I think one more pass will do it, and then I can start the finishing. One of the enameled bits I have planned is going to be the decoration, and I may engrave it as well.

I also did some work on the hammered-texture ring that's the project-of-the-month on metalsmithing. Maybe I can have it done this weekend! I love the idea, and want to participate.

Once I've cleared a few of my "pending" projects I can resume some of my experiments with granulation and filigree. I'm looking forward to that as much as to the enameling.