January 17th, 2007

anvil, ring

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Lots of tricky soldering!

I got the findings on some heavy earrings that are meant to be enameled. Since the findings are wee and delicate, and the earrings pretty heavy, this was tricky. They're done now, though, and are all ready for depletion gilding.

The decoration that will adorn the top of my entirely fabricated bottlecap is also ready for depletion gilding and enameling, as is a cloisonne blank that I'm not yet sure about the design. The weather is cold here, and enameling, with the kiln on, is sounding pretty sweet.

The hinge for the locket is made, and works. It's not the best hinge ever, but it's functional and decent-looking, so I'm fairly pleased. I still need to do more drills, though! I also completed the bail for it, so the next steps are adding the bail and the catch components.

I'm very happy with the 3M abrasive film disks, the ones that mount directly on a screw mandrel. They are fabulous for cleaning things up in certain really tight areas.

I've also gotten several new, intriguing jewelry books. Linda Darty's book on enameling lives up to its reputation- it's amazing. There is lots of information on techniques and approaches that I have not seen elsewhere. Highly recommended! And the Lark "500 Necklaces" is nifty. I think they are getting into a bit of a rut; sop many of the pieces shown are more "conceptual" than brilliantly fabricated, at least to my eye, but it's great fun to look through anyway.