January 3rd, 2007

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I did lots of filigree work today!

I'm working on a locket with a filigree front, suitable for aromatherapy or just decorative. I'd planned to use 4 "lima bean" filigree elements, but 5 fit better so 5 is is. They'll be surrounding an 8mm garnet cab. I have the various bits made now; I need to solder the "lima beans" and the cab setting onto the front, dome it slightly, then add the hinge. I'm debating whether I want it to close with a split bail, as I've done before for scent lockets, or add a proper catch of some sort; I think I'll do the latter, though.

I've got most of the components formed for an argentium snowflake of the same basic design as the one in my user icon. I'm hoping that this one will be a bit more symmetrical, plus I plan to experiment with tack welding and/or fusing the components together. Tomorrow I'll finish shaping the components, and get out the tack welder Friday.

I'm working on a ring with a hammered texture for a metalsmithing (I think) challenge. It too will have filigree, because hey- that's what I'm intrigued by right now! It's coming along well so far, although today I noticed some scarring in the hammered part and have NO idea where it came from! Weird. It's gone now, though.
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