December 14th, 2006

anvil, ring

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In the studio today: I finished Filigree Snowflake #1! OK, I finished the soldering- it still needs to pickle a bit longer, and then polish in the tumbler which will also harden it. But it looks pretty!

I made progress on Snowflake #2, as well as twisting and annealing more filigree wire- this time I started with 22 and 26 ga. sterling, and 24 ga. argentium. I'm looking forward to playing with all 3.

I cut out and started forming a BIG (size 13!) signet-style ring. It will feature an anvil on a fiery background, like the one I made for J. I spent a lot of time tweaking the pattern for the thing, and am pretty happy with it. I want to do a few more rings of this kind- large, hollow ones of a signet style- and I hope come up with more of a formula for designing the pattern.

My Thursday student is making a locket, and we have reached the point of working on the dreaded hinge. She's done a beautiful job of readying it, and I'm hoping the whole hinge bit goes smoothly next week... Hinges are tricky. But I know we can pull it off. :)
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