December 13th, 2006

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More filigree today! Well, and unpacking my current Rio Grande order.

The order: the main impetus was more wire for filigree. :) So I got 2.5 oz. of sterling, and ended up getting 2 oz. of argentium, too, in filigree ga. (24 ga, or 0.5mm). I got some 12 ga. argentium too, because I want to use it for hairsticks with filigree on the ends. And I got a wee bit of gold wire for filigree, which although a tiny amount nonetheless cost more than all the silver put together. :P Gold's like that. Also silver solder, and some beads for adorning filigree, and some lapis cabs to use with plique. And burs. Lots of burs. -The hassle with ordering stuff is entering it into Jewelry Design Manager- it's very helpful when I've finished something and am figuring prices, but it's a drag to enter the stuff in. Also, counting how many tiny beads are on a strand is no fun. :)

Filigree: I decided to just forge ahead and put together my first snowflake, even though I'm not sure how sturdy it'll be. I have 2 of the "arms" soldered on well, and 2 half-on. It is going to be pretty! though maybe a tree decoration and not wearable... I am definitely getting better at the delicate soldering, and started experimenting with using the plique filigree soldering techniques on the new filigree, with some success. I also started putting together the second ring of snowflake #2, and finished the filigree parts of the wings for my first butterfly.

I will have to run some simple experiments with hard solder, filigree and plique. I'd rather not use eutectic for anything that's not touching the enamels, because it's so brittle... but hard may or may not hold up under firing temps. The theory's fine, but I need to try it in practice and see what happens. BUT! I also need to not put a lot of work into an experiment that might fall apart in the kiln, as well!