December 8th, 2006

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Ah, well. Ambition met reality today, and reality whupped ambition's butt. :)

Which means that no, the filigree snowflake isn't done, and I was insane for even thinking it might be.

I did progress on it. The center bit is soldered, and quite nicely I might add. And half of 4 of the 6 arms are soldered, and the other 2 are awaiting it.

However, I used the wrong torch tip and fried a couple of bits of the other 2 arms, plus didn't calculate the number of 1.5 inch pieces of wire I'd need correctly, and thus am short- 9 now, since I screwed up 3 bits.

So I started another length of wire, and will be able to make more progress tomorrow.

I will add that the pattern I'm working on requires 27 separate pieces of filigree wire, each carefully formed and equally carefully soldered together. There are 3 in the center, and then 4 on each arm. I am going to play with approaches that only require 2-3 pieces per arm. :)