December 2nd, 2006

anvil, ring

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I am quite taken with filigree at the moment!

I've used up my first length of filigree wire, and have started a second. (Wire is twisted, then run through the rolling mill to flatten it slightly, having been annealed between these steps.) I have the large motifs, 2 each, for a pair of Norwegian-inspired earrings done, and the rest of the wire for them is formed. This is the first project in the book, and I was sensible and started with it. I also have most of the pieces cut and half of them formed for a 5-pointed star- the book's second project. I think that's where I'll stop making projects from the book, and start to design my own uses for the stuff, probably combining it with plique.

The mokume game proceeds apace. I got 2 rollings done on it today, and now the billets are just over 5mm thick. I seem to be taking them down about 0.3mm per pass, which isn't bad. My rolling mill is cross with me, though. I hope that as they get thinner, it'll be happier!