November 21st, 2006

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Inventory stuff is both time-consuming and not fun.

I just got a fairly large box o' goodness from Rio today (as well as 2 smaller boxes from other suppliers which have not been touched yet). So the job for today was to sort everything out, check it against the packing list, find someplace to put it, add it to my inventory program if appropriate, and to do that I often needed to look up things in the catalog- like how much wire of a specific gauge is in an ounce- then figure out both a weight price and a per-inch price on the stuff.

And I discovered that my inventory program (Jewelry Design Manager) claims to figure out a prorated cost for, say, 20-gauge argentium sterling wire if one is stupid and orders more when one still has some (ahem), but in point of fact does not actually DO this. And if one tries to do it manually, it offers dire threats of accountancy wrath if one changes the setting from the one that's supposed to do it but doesn't, to any other option. Doofus program. I am really not that pleased with it, and would consider changing except that the idea of re-entering all that data makes me want to shoot something.

I did put many of the bits into use, like the add-on loupe to my optivisor. I didn't put my 2 new gravers into handles; I'll have to add that to my list of things to do the next time I make up epoxy.

I did get some work done on my mokume game experiments, though! I got the solder melted onto the smaller of the 2 parts of the final billet for the solder-joined one, and I got the full piece put together for my "cheater" one. So tomorrow- if the upcoming holiday allows!- I should be able to clean up the cheater one and start playing with it. Cool! And maybe even put a huge tip on my big torch and get the soldered billet together at last!

Next week is a bit eventful- I'm doing a talk and demo at a local Girl Scout troop, and I have to go into Worcester and fetch my smileys (one of which is seen in the icon). The former has me anxious, though I'm sure it'll go well; after Thanksgiving is done with I'll plan things out and get together everything I need to bring. And I'll be happy to have my smileys back! Too bad I won't have one in time to wear it to the Scout thing, though... And for the Scout thing I suppose I better pull together a decent outfit, too- my working clothes, with the occasional burn hole etc., are probably not the ideal choice. :)
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Future goals: I have no idea how much of this I'll be able to do over the holidays- they do tend to put a crimp in my planning!- but one immediate priority is to do a lot more enamel color test tiles. I have both the new colors that arrived today, and some European colors sent to me by a friend, that all need test tiles made. It's kinda boring to do, but the results are so useful that it's worth it. I've gotten colors with the hope that they'll improve my ability to address various themes that interest me, so doing the sample tiles and getting the data will be very useful.