November 3rd, 2006

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Today- and yesterday for that matter- I focused on the enameling. The lotus plique earring dangles are close to done as far as the enameling goes; the colors have indeed filled the cells, even with the thin metal, and they need one more hot pass to even everything out. At this point, of course, the enamels could ball up and fall out of the cells, but they don't appear to be trying fro that so I'm hoping it'll be OK. I added more red and green to the plique thimble as well; since the white has a tendency to turn yellow where it meets silver, and this happens more as it's fired more, the white goes in last.

I got some fusing and fusing prep done yesterday, too- 2 new bezels for the garnets for the granulated heart earrings, since the previous ones were too big (the purportedly 5mm stones were actually 4.7-4.8mm), and 50 more links cut and readied for fusing for my loop-in-loop necklace.

And today I readied another order of enamels- all sorts of colors that I've been wanting, including filling in the ranges (pale to dark) of a couple, and getting some more yellow-orange-reds to try. I think the order will be scary- but I only order about every 18 months or so, so I guess that's not so bad. What's arguably worse is all the color tests I'll have to do after they come in- plus ones for some European brands a friend was nice enough to send me, and which I've neglected testing because, well, it's pretty boring to set up the tiles. :)