October 26th, 2006

anvil, ring

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I've done a bit of enameling in the past few days, but have mostly been working on other stuff.

Tonight I finished the last of the assortment of tapered-bezel rings that I'd started a year ago as practice. This one is a size 6.5, with a 6mm orange lab sapphire, and is very pretty. At some point I'll get pictures of the whole set.

I've also prepped a bunch more 23ga. fine silver rings wound on a 0.25-inch dowel, for eventual use in an elaborate loop-in-loop necklace I'm working on. This one has graduated sizes of rings, so it sits along the shoulders rather than being more of a dog-collar- I think it'll be about an inch wide when done. It looks like it needs about 1500+ loops, all told, so preparing the loops is a big job! Once size is all done, and I'm about halfway through the second.

I've also finally updated my website: http://www.afmetalsmith.com. There's more still to do; at some point I'll add a feed from this journal, and I'd like to add the ability to purchase pieces directly from the site. Plus, of course, adding pictures of more work! The new stuff is conveniently collected under the "New!" heading on the right, so it's easy to find. 3 new pieces, and I've added a shot of the back of the cloisonne smiley pendant that's in the icon.