October 10th, 2006

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Today I'm again mostly doing bezels. I'm to the stone-setting and polishing phase on my remaining time-important commission, so that ought to be finished in a few days! Cool. This type always takes a while- carving the wax is very exacting work, and I can only do it about an hour a day before my eyes get fuzzy, and an elaborate design can take 20 hours! Then I've been sending it out for casting- we're still working on getting our own set-up as reliable as I'd want it to be before I started casting a wax that's taken me that long to carve! The casters I use are great, but it can take a while. And then the finishing... so while I love the piece, and it's turning out great, I'm glad to be close to having it done!

So that's one bezel. The others are several for J, for use in a couple of his knives, and one that I'll be putting on a hairstick her turned (wooden) for myself. I got the soldering done yesterday, so today I've been polishing and will stick 2-3 of them in setter's cement tonight for setting tomorrow (I think I can do the other in a block).

I got 2 nice emails today from people who had received their commissioned pieces and were happy with them. I'm always relieved to hear they've arrived safely, and thrilled to hear that they're happy with my work! One of them is on LJ, and I'll post a link to her post- and at least one picture of the piece- later today (I hope!), along with some technical discussion of how it was made.

A local fine arts organization is having a show with a "Fire and Ice" theme at the end of the year. While I'm not going to enter anything into the show, I love the concept and have been having ideas- mostly involving enamels. I may make some stuff with that concept.

Another thing I did today was spend some time straightening up my bench while some things were in the pickle and others in the tumbler. I have a scary number of project boxes! There are 18 on my bench- these are the ones I'm more often working on- 5 of which are open (the really immediate projects), and another 10 alongside. Eep. No wonder I'm feeling the urge to finish some of the things! 4 of the 5 open ones, though, are very close to done...

Just a reminder that since I'm finishing up the commissions I have (by which I mean pieces that people have put a deposit down on, not stuff that I'm doing on spec but with an interested party or 2), now would be a good time to discuss such with me. There is even a probability of Xmas-time delivery, depending on the project- it's quite likely for most things I can think of, though. Here ends the shameless plug!

Also, for people who have recently added this journal to their f-lists: This is my metalworking journal, and while I'm not friending people back here, EVERYTHING in this journal is public. So I'm not snubbing you, and you're not missing anything!