October 2nd, 2006

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Now that my most-pressing deadlines have been met, and the smileys are off to be installed in the show, and the etched argentium pendant is on its way to its person (pictures later, probably, after she gets it- it seems fair to let her see it in real life before showing it to everyone else on LJ! I did send her a picture, and she sounded pleased. Whew! But now I'm a bit on pins and needles hoping she likes it as well in person!).

So one of the things I am planning to do this week is work on various pictures and websites. I have pics of more stuff for Etsy, and I want to put the smileys and a previous commission, and the ring that's in the user picture on my own website (http://www.afmetalsmith.com). And that's just for starters- J's taken lots of pictures for me, and so there's a bunch more stuff to go up on either or both places. And I'd like to add a Paypal "Buy it now" button to the stuff on my site that's for sale... That's my plan for my main focus this week, anyway!

As soon as I decide on an area in which to focus for the next period of time, I get more ideas. So far the contenders are: elaborate mechanisms (which fascinate me AND will improve my precision fabricating chops- one can never be capable of too much precision!); stone-setting (probably focused on squares after I finish the 2 round tapered-bezel rings i have in process, plus maybe a pass or 2 at pave); hollow rings and/or working more of the way through the McGrath "Rings" book; and doing the enameling on several pieces that are all ready for that, including another pair of lotus earrings, a winter or ice-themed triple-spiral pendant, and the January-themed thimble for which I completed the filigree at least 6 months ago!

So! Choices. Now, if I do not have much going in the way of commissions, I can probably manage to balance them all. However, I do love commissions, and am hoping to have a few at a time on an ongoing basis! I suppose I can just head into the next few weeks with these- and commission work- as my foci, and see where they lead.

(Hint: if you're thinking of commissioning something, now's a good time to bring it up! Email is fine: afmetalsmith@livejournal.com . And I'll mention that I do not discuss commissions except in general and technical terms unless the client has agreed to that- and generally not even then, at least not until they have the piece! And I do not identify them unless they so desire.)
anvil, ring

Call for entries: Wedding/Commitment Rings!

Lark Books is soliciting contributions for a book showing "500 Wedding Rings", with the pics due Dec. 1. The subject matter includes engagement rings, specifically.

I would really love to be able to propose an entry or two! So if you have any hankerings after a somewhat un-traditional and unique, handcrafted wedding ring/commitment rings/engagement ring(s), PLEASE let me know ASAP! We'd have until Dec. 1 to get the things designed, made, and photographed. Your name(s) would not be necessary to cite if you'd prefer not.

I did say I was looking for new commissions!