September 24th, 2006

anvil, ring

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A better day at work today, thank goodness!

The various bits for the plique pendant are nearing completion. The final 2 steps are to set the stones, and assemble the whole thing. Today I re-did the setting for the black diamond, since I wasn't happy with the look of the setting+loop I'd done yesterday, and also polished the settings and the jump rings. I removed the firescale from the plique itself that had developed during the last 2 firings, and went over the whole thing with pumice- I like the white, matte look of a pumice finish next to the shiny colored glass.

I got the first ribbon soldered onto the cloisonne setting the rest of the way, and got the second one shaped and ready to solder. This was a bit tricky, since I'm adding some new undulations to these. I did try a soldering pass with the second ribbon, but it warped away from the other piece a bit, just like the first one did, so I decided to finish that part up tomorrow (I hope!). I was getting a bit fried by that point anyway.

Also got the slightly-octagonal loops all fused together- I had to redo them a bit- and started cleaning them up. I think they'll look cool. I am definitely excited about the prospect of doing argentium construction with just fusing, and no or little solder!

Later tonight after the settings for the plique pendant have dried, I'll mount them in some setter's cement for the setting process. They are too small and oddly shaped for any other holding mechanism.