September 20th, 2006

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I was pleased and relieved to see today that I have another few days to finish my smileys- more than I'd thought. Whew! They need to be delivered at the end of next week, not the beginning. I still need to focus on them over the weekend, but it'll be easier for me to interleave smiley work with work on a commission that I want to have done by the end of Sept., and on which I did some work.

I didn't do tricky soldering today because I kept sneezing. I hate allergies! I wonder what's pollinating now...

I did, though, do good work, mostly on the smileys.

The plique one is now properly fired. The smile didn't open up again or anything. Whew! I was starting to get worried! I did add more enamel both yesterday and today, and I think it helped. next is the clean-up- mostly grinding down the glass to the level of the wires, and smoothing the wires. But it's in the end zone!

For the cloisonne, I found tubing for the rest of the stone settings, after trying prefab settings and finding that, as I suspected, they don't fit well. I also matched the 5mm yellow sapphire- which is the perfect color for the cloisonne: another relief!- to a 3mm one with the same tones. I measured the "ribbons" and cut the wire I'll use to forge them, and chose 10 very nice tiny black diamonds from my parcel of the things, and I'll pick 3 for the 2 smileys from those.