September 3rd, 2006

anvil, ring

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I have been lax about working in the studio this week. It's partly that pollen is giving me a nasty sinus headache and visual fuzziness, and it's partly that we've been dog-sitting what was described as an easy dog to deal with and which has turned out to be so very much not easy! So, yeah.

I have gotten the first coats of enamel on the cloisonne smiley. Since I had a yellow that was a bit too orange, and a couple that are a bit too green, I'm layering them and the overall color is turning out nicely. The flaw in the piece is that the enamels are a bit cloudy where the eutectic solder ran onto the surface, even though I cleaned off all of it (I thought) and depletion gilded it as well. So it looks great at some angles, and not quite as nice at others. Sigh. Next time I'll use IT, which I do not recall as having the same effect.

I have the bail almost done for the plique one, also, but have been a bit stuck on how to hold the bits together for soldering. I have a few ideas, and tomorrow will start playing with binding wire and see what works.

I did some more work cutting the seat for the dark green tourmaline in a tapered bezel ring. It's almost working no, but not quite, and I'm not sure what's hanging it up. I'm going to try to clear out my sinuses and use better magnification and light tomorrow.

I also need to get back to a couple of commissions, and start work on the setting for the cloisonne smiley. It's September now! Gotta get to serious work!

I'm also hoping to get most of my Halloween-type pieces up on Etsy this coming week.