August 24th, 2006

anvil, ring

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I think all the filigree soldering for the plique smiley is now done. I'll give it another look after the rest of the soldering's done, but whee!

I was going to add the other pieces today: a loop at the top for a bail, plus a couple of tiny balls and a section of tube on the bottom that will hold a 2mm black diamond, but the balls I made were too large (insert joke here if you must), and I mangled the loop a bit while forging the balled ends flat. So, another try for both.

I'm using tube for the diamond instead of a pre-made setting, mostly so I can use a stone that is not necessarily precisely 2mm in diameter there. I'll cut the seat to fit the exact stone.

I also need to do some quick and serious thinking about the bail. While I could probably add it after the enameling's done- and that would make the enameling a lot easier!- I'm a bit loathe to solder so close to enamel. I may, though, use argentium for the parts that need soldering (the setting will be plain sterling, because again I'm using tubing and I don't think anyone's making much argentium tubing yet). Argentium is nonconductive of heat, so soldering it's more like gold, and therefore I ought to be able to use a tiny little flame and avoid the enamel... So, I'm torn. But if I'm going to add it pre-enamel, I have to design and make it NOW!

I got the smile for the cloisonne smiley glued on today, and the eyes made. Tomorrow I'll fire the piece to set the smile wires, then add the eyes and do the same thing. Then on to the actual enameling!

Also, we heard from the show organizers, and my pieces will be included. Yay! So now all I have to do is make them!

I also did some polishing of the wax carving- it ought to be castable in a few days.