August 22nd, 2006

anvil, ring


My main contribution to my career today was the excitement of updating my resume, AND writing an artist's statement for the smiley-face show application!

Yep, it's a thrill a minute around here!

Now, I hate writing artist's statements. I always- and i do mean always- say: "If I wanted to write, I'd be a WRITER. The fact that I am a metalsmith means, among other things, that I more completely express myself through metal and related substances than through words. Therefore, I do not see why my admittedly-lacking prose adds much in the way of meaning to my rather-more-eloquent work." Except usually phrased worse.

Still, it's necessary and it's done. And tomorrow the application will go in, and I can start to worry about whether they are equipped to deal with small, precious items of the 1.5-inches-square sort, rather than 4 foot canvases. They did rule out "installations", which I find a bit hopeful... :)