August 21st, 2006

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I was shockingly unproductive today- so much for yesterday's plans! I don't know what it is about the weather- or eating too much eggplant- that's making me feel bad. Anyway...

One thing that did happen was getting my Rio order. More 1.75mm amethysts, since they do rudely discontinued the lovely parcels of machine-cut ones I love in that size; a couple of kinds of carving wax; and a number of different items that ought to allow us to get better pictures of my work, primarily earring and necklace stands of several sorts. I have great hopes for these!
anvil, ring

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I ended up doing a bit of stuff, anyway, so that day's not a complete loss.

To wit:

Added the third part of my initials to the cloisonne smiley, where the other one former was until I ground it out (it had flipped over and embedded itself rather than staying nicely positioned and therefore with a visible edge) and glued it in; it can dry overnight, I'll fire it, then add more enamel around it to make up for all the stuff i ground out;

Examined the smiley filigree under good magnification and (hopefully) got a decent percentage of the remaining unsoldered spots soldered;

Labeled and put away things like the wax and amethysts;

Opened all the display furniture we got, and arranged pieces attractively on many of them all ready for being photographed. And gods! does it make a difference!

Now, I also went through the "pending" projects that are still in baggies on my bench, and sorted out a few more of them. (Goal: to have all of them DONE and not there any more.) However, while doing this I managed to mislay a vital piece- the one I really can't duplicate- of one of a pair of matched brooches. I'm pretty sure it's just hiding on the bench somewhere, but it's being very annoying.