August 18th, 2006

anvil, ring

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J did a lot of experimenting last night with his new macro lens for the digital camera, and it looks very promising indeed! With it, he can fill the screen with the piece, and (I think- I'm not a photographer) use a smaller aperture and a longer exposure time so that all of a 3D piece- like a ring- is in focus, not just part of it. Cool!

The current downside is that our lighting isn't working very well. The above technique gives amazing crispness, but with our current lights even mirror-finished silver looks matte, and the faceted stones are very dull-looking. Honestly, for both we need a bit of glare, I think! although not as much as what we had before... It's such a balancing act!

And my work is about the worst possible to photograph: small, shiny, colored, sparkly. I fail to see how I could make it harder to get good pics!

But, still, the new lens is very promising indeed.

Yesterday I mostly filled in background for my plique smiley. I think I'm about 2/3 through now, and am hoping to get it done and soldered by the end of the weekend. I also spent the time while me teeth were being cleaned thinking about how to hand and embellish the piece. I have a couple of ideas that seem pretty straightforward, will add some interest to the perimeter, and still not be horribly demanding to fabricate. I want to leave "horribly demanding" to the cloisonne piece!

I also need to fill in the paperwork so I can be IN the silly show! The deadline is Aug. 25.