August 14th, 2006

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I got some good work done today! Even involving some with metal!

I did an hour or so of wax carving. I'd say I'm maybe a third of the way done with that part of that particular piece.

I got the smile made for my plique-a-jour smiley face, and got it and the eyes glued in place within the rim. The next part is to create the thin meanders that will decrease the cell size for the enamels to something that will fill properly and reinforce the piece. I have no idea yet how difficult that may or may not be; there's a lot of space to fill up! Still, I'm happy with the look of the eyes and smile, and will just mention that creating them with 24 ga. wire in that size was not particularly easy- the wire is pretty heavy for a few of the tiny curves.

I looked at the cloisonne forms and decided the sheet within the borders needed some work. The eutectic solder ran all over the place and left tiny lumps here and there. So I took the larger bits off with a graver, then used an abrasive with the flex to smooth and even everything out. Now they'll need to be depletion gilded again, of course... So it goes.

I also sorted out the gem show purchases, and organized a number of the beads etc. Now all the Mardi Gras beads are together, and labeled with what they are and how much they cost, for example.

So I'm pretty pleased, on the whole. And although it was a bit warm, there was a nice breeze so I had the windows open and could hear the birds- I love that!
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Also, upon reading the info for the smiley-face show, I note that the art shown there is insured (for 60% of the value/selling price), and that they encourage sales and take a 40% commission.

I compare that to another show in which I was rather expected to have work, which took a 40% commission and offered no insurance whatsoever- all work was in non-locked cases and displayed at the artisan's own risk. Plus it had a really tiny window for picking up one's work, after which they took possession of it. Which were 2 reasons why I did not put work in it, particularly since the work I'd rather planned on showing was not inexpensive!

Clearly, it behooves one to read the fine print.