August 2nd, 2006

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Plans of much time and accomplishment in the studio were derailed by the arrival of Dog-Eating Thunder Monsters, which exist only to devour fine border-collie mixes like my Sasha-dog, and which require her to hide under any table at which I sit- either sitting on or getting her ears caught in the flex-shaft's foot controller- and apply herself to my Shins of Protection.

Neither of which is exactly compatible with doing much in the studio.

Before the DETMs arrived, I did get some work done on the current commission, at least. So that's something.

And the DETMs seem to have brought slightly cooler weather in their wake, which is very welcome indeed!

Being the perverse sort of metalsmith I apparently am, I now have 4 pieces which are ready for enamelling... which requires a 1400+F kiln being on for several hours. maybe these can wait for fall. Maybe I can even complete a few more pieces for enameling by then; it's theoretically possible, after all!