July 27th, 2006

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A much delayed post, and I can say that stuff is getting made!

Today I finished the penultimate (I love that word) tricky soldering bit on the big piece. It took 4 soldering steps, which has been typical. In theory, there is no reason it could not be done in 2, but the pieces of wire move around too much so I can't solder 2 areas/bits at a time in a reality-based system; each separate step is requiring a separate soldering. Oh, well. In any event, 1 more of the tricky things to go, then a last construction step and the application of a central decorative motif.

Then the clean-up and polishing, but I'm not letting myself think about that till the soldering's done. :P

I also finished the final construction of the hook half of my Arts & Crafts-inspired cape clasp. It's silver, copper, and turquoise, and I started it many a year ago. I'm glad to be finally finishing it, and that it's turning out pretty well. I did find myself unsatisfied with some of the previous construction when I revisited it, and decided to pull it apart in a couple of places and redo it, but it's decent now- not Fine Goldsmithing, but decent, and the overall look is exactly what I was after.

There was another piece I started at the same time- I think it was intended to be a pair of matching brooches. I need to dig up those bits and see what I think... The connecting theme was that the final assembly of both was to be done with rivets, since the various component bits could not handle heat once they were ready to assemble. As I recall, I was not happy with the pin finding approach I'd come up with for the brooches, and I may- may!- be able to figure out something cleverer at this point. :)

I was pretty fried tonight, so that's really all I did, but it's significant steps forward on a couple of ongoing projects so I'm pleased.
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