July 11th, 2006

anvil, ring

What counts as "work"?

I think I need to work on redefining what "work" means in my head.

Yesterday I was in the studio doing stuff with metal and stones. That's work, definitely, and it's what I like best to do. I got several garnets set in the Confetti Rings, and did a lot of work on a commission piece- mostly tricky layout-type stuff, so there's not a lot to show for it at the moment, but it's crucial to the finished piece. So that's work... but you know? even doing the layout didn't feel like "real work" the way hands-on metal stuff does.

And today? It was all necessary but non-studio stuff. The "necessary" aspect means that yes, it ought to count as work! Yet, in my heart and soul, it does not.

So I need to redefine "work," obviously.
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