July 8th, 2006

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Not a whole lot of progress on the metals, unfortunately. I've been a bit under the weather, among other things.

Today I did set the 3 black diamonds in the 2 new Confetti Rings. Yes, I decided to go with 2 diamonds in the one that had 18 holes drilled when I thought I'd marked 17. I suppose I could consider learning to count one of these days...!

The diamonds were a challenge- and by "challenge" I mean "pain in the ass"- in several ways. First, they are nominally 2 mm, which in practice means somewhere between 1.7 and 2.0 mm. (For some odd reason, they seldom seem to end up larger than the nominal size- amazing, isn't it???). Plus, they are not necessarily exactly round. This means that no matter what size bur one chooses, it's not going to quite fit along 1 axis. Add in that if they are slightly oblong, the size varies with how the stone's oriented when one measures it, and that burs which are nominally, say, 1.8 mm may also be either a bit big or a bit small... well, yeah, challenge/PITA.

So for one of them I measured everything, drilled out the seat, and then had to find a stone that fit the seat better. Which was possible, so it ended up OK, but still..!

Anyway, the diamonds are set, and I've marked where the garnets- 4 per ring, 2 each of pinky-red and orangey-red- go. They and the diamonds are the darkest stones, so their placement is important to the overall look.

Tomorrow I go to the gem show. I'm mostly just looking for beads for an upcoming project, but need to see if anyone's got any really gorgeous carnelian in an 11-12mm size.