July 6th, 2006

anvil, ring

Recent work

Today I made some progress on an ongoing commission. I am about to head into the home stretch of the fabrication, so that's nice.

I also plotted out the black diamond and garnet locations on my next 2 confetti rings. It turns out that one of them has 18 holes for stones, not 17, so I need to decide whether to use a second black diamond, or add an extra stone of some other kind. I'm leaning toward the diamond, since that won't impact the color balance...

I set the diamond in the other one, and that was more of a hassle than I expected! While it measured out to be 1.8 mm, it was a tad loose in the setting with the 1.8 mm setting bur. OK, fair enough; I can still get it set decently. And then, when it was set, a spot on the table (the flat part of the stone that's uppermost) that i thought was wax... wasn't. It was, somehow, scratched. My guess is that it wasn't polished properly in the first place, since I don't have anything that would scratch diamond! So I used a knife graver and removed the metal that was holding it in, tossed the flawed diamond (I'm glad that back diamonds- especially tiny ones- are quite cheap!), and re-drilled the hole for a 2.0 mm black diamond (which I had). It's fitting well, and I'll set it tomorrow, then proceed with the other stones.

And set the other 2 diamonds in the other ring, and proceed there...