June 30th, 2006

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What with one thing and another, I didn't get into the studio today. I shall have to make up for it tomorrow!

Yesterday I got some good work done, though. I made 12 spirals out of 14-ga. silver wire, which need to be hammered and then used in a commission I'm working on. (Pictures when it's done, if the client agrees.)

I also marked and drilled 17 holes each in Confetti Rings #2 & 3, plus finished the holes on the insides of the rings and then mostly finished the insides of the rings themselves. These rings will be similar to #1, except that I'm planning to use one black diamond per ring if I have them in a suitable size (and I think I do, though they might be a hair bigger than 1.75mm), 2 each of the 2 colors of garnets, then 3 each of the topaz, peridot, citrine, and amethyst.

And I filed the edges of my snowflake pendant (the one I started last fall, which is progressing slowly. Obviously.).

I started drafting a pattern for the next hollow ring. I figure I'll iterate that a few times, cutting each one out and taping it together before making changes. This works well for me making patterns for clothing; why not metals? :) In fact, metals are more forgiving in a lot of ways- you can really change the shapes!

For the next signet-style rings, though, I really want a proper mandrel on which to form the bezel. Time to order one...