June 25th, 2006

anvil, ring

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I'm pleased with the work I did today!

1. I almost have the baguette setting ready for the stone on the Sample Ring of Hideousness. Something is binding and preventling the stone from seating completely, but it's close. I think I'll try out the disclosure spray i got a while back, and see if it helps- it didn't, much, the last time i tried it, but i know some people swear by it. (basically, it puts a coat of powder over the setting, which rubs away where the stone is hitting so you can see what needs work.)

2. The enamel for the ring is done, and is almost fitting into the setting! A bit more setting-tweaking will do the trick. I would have continued with it, but my eyes were getting tired, what with this and the baguette setting. (I decided to get the setting ready before doing the inner sleeve, since it is handy to still be able to poke the enamel out of the setting at times. I won't be able to do that once the inner sleeve is in.)

Tomorrow I hope to get the enamel setting finished- which means, the enamel fitting into it well, and it filed down to a reasonable height- and get the inner sleeve soldered on- or, at least, get it fitted and ready for soldering. There is a fair amount of clean-up work I'll need to do to finish the ring, and I want to have several days for that. I'm pretty happy with the enamel, though. The pinkish red has been turned into a more appropriate fire color by putting a ton of yellow over it, and where i'd mixed it and yellow it really gives a lovely orange. Also, the pale orange i used deepened a bit in color with the high firing I did, so it's looking better.